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Especial RR: Viví cuatro horas de rock con el Ruso Verea

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Especial RR: Viví cuatro horas de rock con el Ruso Verea - Radio Cantilo

miércoles 22 Ago, 2018

Viernes 17/8

1- The Kinks – You really got me

2- Motorhead- On Parole

3-UK Subs- Coalition government blues

4-Hermetica- Ideando la fuga

5-Pilsen- Cucarachas para el desayuno

6-Aretha Franklin/ Keith Richards-Jumping jack flash

7-Rush- The anarchist

8-The Obsessed- Forever midnight

9-Paradise Lost- Never for the damned

10-Riff- Fuera de mi

11-Uli Jon Roth- Polar night

12- Yngwie Malmsteen- Eleven hour

13- Wolf Hoffman- Pathetiquè

14-The Who- Won`t get fooled again

15-Acorazado Potemkin- Smiley ghost

16-Massacre- Río siempre

17-Dimmu Borgir- I am sovereign


Sábado 18/8

1-The Strypes- now she`s gone

2-Neil young- Monsanto years

3-Anthrax- I am alive

4-Angra- Nothing to say

5-Type of negative- Back nº 1

6-Godmasck- Love,hate,sex,pain.

7-Deff Leppard / Phil Collen/ Stone tempe pilots- Mistrated

8-Enuff Z nuff- Metalheart

9-Bang Tango- Bring on the world

10-Buckcherry- Time bomb

11-The gathering- Rescue me

12-Anathema- Regret

13-Bridge Farmes- Pyramids of mountauk